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Welcome to the Arcadia & Betsey River Ry.

Layout Specifications:

Owner/Builder: Skip Luyk, MMR

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Size: 14 Ft. X 28 Ft.

Layout Style: Double Deck Around the wall w/ peninsula

Length of Mainline Run: 74 Ft.

Length of Branch Line Run: 87 Ft.

Layout Height: Lower Deck: 35 In. Upper Deck: 54 In.

Benchwork: Various Construction Techniques

Roadbed: AMI or cork on 1 X 1 foam strips on foam or plywood w/ Homasote blocks for all turnouts and yards

Track: Hand made turnouts and Micro Engineering flex track. Code 70 for the mainline, code 55 for yard, sidings and branch line

Minimum Turnout: No. 5

Minimum Radius: 22 In.

Maximum grade: 3.5%

Backdrop: 3/8 In. Drywall, Hand painted

Control System: NCE, DCC

I appreciate your dropping by.

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